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He did it Again.

Created by Malcolm Law

Producer/Director – Dimi Nakov
Camera – Dimi Nakov, David Chan and Stephen Morris
Editor – Nicholas Newton

Music by Valdi Sabev

Tracks: Deep Blue Ocean, Bulgaro, Open Your Heart, My Shadow in The Night, Run in Fields, Higher Than The Sun, Changes

Do you need to be mad to run up & down a very big hill 148 times in just 24 hours? No, you just need to be passionate about a cause – in this case Mental Health. This inspirational film follows the ups & downs of Mal Law as he knocks off a personal Everest.

Everest in a Day was conceived as a training run for Mal’s even bigger challenge – CoastPathRun – a 1,014 km running odyssey along the length of the UK’s longest trail, the South West Coast Path, that Mal will attempt with Englishman Tom Bland June 17th – July 1st 2012.

Coast Path Run Website:

1,014km in 2 weeks to raise awareness of mental health issues. PLEASE SPONSOR or

Mal is raising funds for Mental Health Foundation NZ. Donations can be made via his fundraising page


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Funded by Running Wild

Fundraiser for Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand

“This is Max, my talented and likable brother-in-law who fought a long battle with mental illness before taking his own life back in 1995. He is the reason that I am taking on CoastPathRun and he will be very much on my mind throughout. If the pain that Tom and I suffer over the course of our 1,014 km long run can help prevent even one more tragedy such as Max’s then it will have all been worthwhile. If you can please support our efforts by making a donation to the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand via my fundraising page
Mal Law, 2012
Over a 24-hour period (21 April) ultra-distance trail runner Mal Law scaled North Head, a prominent and historic Auckland landmark, from sea level no less than 148 times – the equivalent of climbing and descending Mt. Everest from sea level in a single day.  That’s 8,880m of climbing and 8,880m of descending. The same as climbing up and down about 45,000 steps – only more difficult as it’s mostly rough, steep trails that Mal will be using!
Why?  Mal did this as part of his rigorous training regime for the CoastPathRun in the UK during June.
Mal hopes that EVEREST IN A DAY will catch the attention of the New Zealand public, making them aware of CoastPathRun and its goal of raising funds for mental health charities in both the UK and New Zealand.
CoastPathRun is a 1,014 km running odyssey with Englishman Tom Bland over the full length of the UK’s longest trail – the South West Coast Path – that will see the duo climb the equivalent of 4 Mt. Everests over just 2 weeks, so they both need to be very hill fit!
How can you help?  The views from the of the top of North Head were brilliant (apparently)!   Even if you didn’t manage to make it in person and run up it a few times with Mal, please help spread the word about this fantastic endeavour, and consider making an online donation via Mal’s fundraising site