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Come back frequently over the next few weeks as Dimi Nakov is off to CANNES 2012 (flying out on Monday May 14th) and he will be posting updates here on what he’s up to, who he’s met and just exactly how much fun he’s having!

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Check out this interview Dimi did today with Amy Maas from

Film-maker’s short film makes it to Cannes

AMY MAAS     Last updated 15:18 31/03/2012

Dimi Nakov
DIRECTOR: Dimi Nakov.

SELF-FUNDED: Blind Side.

A local film-maker who self-funded his latest project by working as a camera operator and runner will see his hard work pay off when it screens at a prestigious short film festival.

BlindSide, a self-funded independent short film, will be screened at the Cannes Short Film Corner as part of the Cannes Film Festival 2012 in May.

Dimi Nakov, the film’s director, said he was “reluctant” to enter the film into the prestigious festival.

“Cannes is very prestigious and I wasn’t sure how a low-budget film like this could afford the submission fee. But in the end, we submitted it and were really surprised that it got in.” he said.

BlindSide, which was shot over nine weekends, focuses on a white middle-class family embroiled in domestic violence.

Read the full article here

AUT University Journalism Publication “TE WAHA NUI” this week featured an article on Dimi’s Cannes trip;

Happy and humbled – director of dark film heads for bright lights of Cannes

By ⋅ May 10, 2012

An Auckland-based filmmaker is off to this year’s Cannes Film Festival after successfully fundraising for his trip on the internet.

Dimi Nakov is “happy and humbled”
about the success of his short film,
Blindside.  Photo: Supplied

Dimi Nakov, director and producer of Blindside, is “happy and humbled” that his short film is included in this year’s Cannes Short Film Corner digital library.

This inclusion allows Nakov to join film workshops and networking events during the festival and is also an opportunity to sell future projects to international film buyers.

Blindside, a dark film about domestic abuse in Kiwi households, was self-funded by Nakov who was hesitant at first to attend the festival.

Read the full article here

HUGE THANK YOU TO EVERYONE involved with all 3 shorts and everyone who helped me to get to Cannes to promote BLINDSIDE and a few other Projects. Also I wish I was part of this year 48 Hour Challenge in New Zealand.

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Follow Us on Twitter:!/BlindSideNZ

The tremendous support given to the Get Dimi to Cannes 2012 fundraising campaign, we are now happy to be able to confirm that Dimi Nakov has now booked his flights and accommodation.

The fund was the idea of Phil Grieves (Zodiac Entertainment) and Kay Rayner  (Earthwire Productions).
Jonathon Rayner-Burt (Earthwire Productions) set it up and administered the campaign.

Our sincere thanks are due to them and to every single person who contributed to the campaign.

Thank you all so much!

Now Dimi is deep into preparations for his trip to make absolutely sure that he makes the most of this fantastic opportunity.  He hopes to be able to meet with the many like-minded people who go to Cannes and make some valuable contacts, with the ultimate aim of helping Zodiac Entertainment to produce high quality projects from its extensive slate.